Aristidou Law Firm

Our Story:

We are proud of our past and we look to the future. The roots of Democritos Aristidou stretch back almost half a century while our founder set his footprint into the legal world of Cyprus. The Firm enjoys an excellent reputation built through the years and is rich with history, ethos and character.

The firm was organized as a partnership and operated as such since 1971.

Our headquarters:

We are operating from and based in Limassol, the commercial centre of Cyprus. Since 1971, individuals, businesses and local authorities throughout Cyprus have put their trust in us, to provide legal services on a wide range of legal issues. The Firm has through the years achieved extensive growth and success by anticipating changes in the legal industry, adapting to new demands and business pressures and responding to our clients’ ever-evolving needs. Today, we are proud to be one of the most reputable law firms in Cyprus with the ability to serve our clients throughout Cyprus, Europe and every other continent across the globe. By focusing on creative and cost effective solutions, rather than just technical legal advice, we seek to ensure that our clients receive first class results, achieve their goals to the maximum and that they always get more than anyone else would provide them under the same circumstances.

Our Knowledge:     

We have set for being within the leaders of an elite group of Cyprus’s Law Firms. To this we ensure that we can benefit our clients by following closely the highest international standards of quality management, business and law with local in depth knowledge. We employ the resources necessary to maintain such a standard. Currently we are one of the only Law Firm in Cyprus undergoing the process of qualifying under an ISO9001-2015 quality management system so to ensure that we serve our clients with excellence of service.

Our Principles:

Through the years we have achieved extensive growth and success by anticipating changes in the legal industry, adapting to new demands and business pressures, understanding and using technology and responding to clients’ ever-evolving needs always by pursuing “ethos“, performing with “pathos” and touching success with “logos“.

Ethos, Pathos and Logos:

Ethos, is a Greek word, meaning “character”, that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or fundamental values or ideals that characterize a person, people, corporation, community, society, nation, culture, ideology or movement. In other words, ethos is an ethical or moral argument coming from ethikos, meaning “moral, moral spirit, the one who posses ethos, showing moral character, expressing moral arguments).

Pathos, is a Greek word which represents an appeal to the audiences emotions. Emotional appeal can be accomplished by passion in the delivery of “a result” as determined by the receiver/client. In other words, pathos is an emotional argument which, can be said to be what moves people to take the next step, to take action.

Logos, also a Greek word, refers to any attempt to appeal to the intellect. It is said to be the divine reason in the creation of the world, in other words, the rational principle that governs and develops the universe. Thoughts gathered together in the mind are expressed in words. So, Logos, refers to the speaking as well as to the thinking.

Ethos, Pathos and Logos; appeals which were extensively dealt with and analysed in depth and explained by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. All can be appropriate at different times, in different needs and issues, in different stories and facts, in combination or separately but are prevalent in almost all arguments. Success depends on applying them with wisdom.

Respecting Our Clients: 

When it comes to claim the most challenging and interesting client work you need to earn this. That is why we invest in Talent. We have set a plan for recruiting and developing the best legal and entrepreneurial minds in the legal field of Cyprus. We expect our people to share our dream and firm’s culture by putting first the interests of the client and the firm rather than their own. We consider loyalty to the client and the firm as one of the most important qualification to be possessed from our people.

A team of eleven lawyers and nine administrative staff lead by a Managing Partner calling to the Partners’ Committee operates under Practice Areas and Sectors’ Structure. Our main Practice areas are Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Corporate & Intellectual Property, Tax, Real Estate, Wills, Trusts & Probate, Energy, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Consumer Goods and Retail and Immigration, Migration and Citizenship.

Proud of our Clients:

We always put the interests of our clients first and we strive to exceed their expectations. That is why we have a top record of maintaining our clients and we constantly receive new clients’ introductions from our existing clients which includes corporate from all the commercial sectors, trade bodies, semi governmental departments, the office of General Attorney of the Republic of Cyprus, several Community Councils / municipalities, not-for-profit organizations, professional bodies, institutional bodies, Universities and of course individuals.

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