Half a century of legal history, TOGETHER

Our mission is to provide superior value to our clients by offering them the right solution, Open up different options and Structure their business dreams.

Democritos Aristidou is a full-service law firm, which means whatever advice you need or problem you have, we can help. Whatever your situation, we have specialists ready to help. We are in the business of providing our clients with the best possible legal advice. Our practice has been rooted in Limassol for 50 years. Half a century of experience shared by lawyers, associates, clients, business partners and our community. These experiences shape who we are today. We proudly leverage the best of both worlds. We are still recognisable from the Firm that opened its doors in 1971. We foster a culture that embraces diversity, respect for the individual and the expression of talent. 

We are constantly shaping our firm around culture atmosphere and character.

We provide solutions to people and organizations, Help them legally structure their vision, start a business and do great things.  

A World of difference to both of us.

In times of such profound change we are focused to help our clients embrace the opportunities, benefit from new economies and the impact of new technologies and information, create wealth and return to their families and their community.

Superior Value

Giving the best possible advice not only using our knowledge and expertise but through understanding the people and businesses we work with as deeply as possible.

Strong Partnerships

Develop and maintain close and long-term relationships with our resident and non resident clients, experts, society, outsource partners, academic community, local community and valued colleagues.


We are personally invested in your end goal as you are. We help you to make the extra mile being pro-active and unlock possibilities others do not see


We are focused on the needs of creative businesses and individuals. Our definition of success is yours.

We fiercely guard our clients’ interests.

Settle disputes and fight for rights, protect assets and grow our clients’ businesses.

Core Values

Be open to new ideas, think creatively, look for innovative solutions, harness the law’s potential and unlock possibilities.

Discuss a Case or a Project

We do everything you need to provide you with the best solution, help you structure and start a business and settle a dispute. We fiercely fight for your rights.