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Wills, Trusts, Estate Administration and Probate

Probate and estate administration is within our core business. Our lawyers can help you with an out of court deceased administration and distribution of estate or Court regulated estate administration.

With a proven track record, we act as administrators, executors or simply applying to the Court for a probate order and advice the administrator that you may choose to appoint.

If you have been named the executor of someone’s will or if a family member passed away leaving under his or her name any assets, in order to distribute those assets to the heirs an administration of their estate will have to be conducted.

That means organising their assets, paying debts and taxes if any, and distributing what’s left according to the instructions left in the Will or following the rules of intestacy.

We can help you with advice on these duties or act as administrators and executors of a Will:

Why Choose us?

Half a century of experience with proven successful track history. Qualified team of experts.

Our lawyers are members of international associations of estate practitioners. We have experience on expatriates from both other countries living in Cyprus and Cypriots living abroad.

We have clear rules as regarding our legal fee for administering a straightforward Cypriot estate, whether or not there is a valid will.

Usually, our fee for a full estate administration is in the region of 2,5 – 5% of the value of the gross assets with a minimum fee of €2,500 plus VAT.

If assistance is needed for only some specific elements of the administration, we can agree specific fees for work required.