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Personal Injury Claims

What is our position in the national market?

We are undisputed leaders in the personal Injury legal field. Our lawyers represented and help, throughout the half a century of our presence, thousands of people claim for personal injury. Over the past 10 years we’ve represented clients on claims both as claimants and defendants for many € millions in compensation.

Our specialists and lawyers do not only offer help on claiming or defending personal injury claims but also access to rehabilitation, medical care and support you need to make the best recovery or defence.

What are the clients we represent?

We represent both claimants and defendants, meaning individuals suffered injury and insurance companies. This gives us an advantage when it comes to evaluate a claim or defend it. Most of our work on the person injury legal field is to represent claimants recover compensation and start their lives again.

We do have the privilege though to represent and have represented Insurance companies in several personal injury case’s defence. We understand that every injured person has the right to a just compensation, but every claim has to be judged on its real merits.

By this, we believe that the insurance industry will remain healthy, and the real victims of personal Injury sufferings will receive just compensation.

We regularly give written opinions to Law Firms abroad representing clients who suffered injury in Cyprus. We advise some of the biggest and most important law firm in the world. 

What types of Personal Injury Can you Claim for?

The most common types of personal injury we help people claim for include:

Why choose us?

Our lawyers are members of international associations such as the Personal Injury Association of UK at the level of litigators and not as mere members. Some of our lawyers gained experience in the personal injury claims while working with the most notable personal injury firms in the world.

We are one if not the leading firm of personal injury lawyers in Cyprus. Every year we successfully make tens or claims on behalf of our clients. We litigate in all the courts of Cyprus including the Supreme Court of Cyprus.

We have flexible fee arrangements, and we also offer no win no fee basis which means you don’t have to pay us and the only financial risk you undertake is only the costs of the opponent in the event that you are not the wining party though we can advise from the beginning on the possibilities of success.