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Cyprus Tax and Tax Residency

Whether you’re seeking advice on the 60 days Tax Residency rule, the 183 Days Tax Residency rules or starting a business, selling an asset, investing and receiving returns, donating or putting money aside for your children, or disputing a tax ruling, our Tax Lawyers can help you make the right decisions, staying tax-efficient and compliant with Cyprus and International Tax obligations.

Tax laws are regularly changing and getting more complicated. We understand that is difficult to stay on top of your tax obligations.

We have particular expertise in more complex tax issues such as receiving income from multiple sources, international wealth or non-dom status.

We offer services in the following areas:

What does it make us different?

We use a network of specialist and not just tax lawyers.

A dedicated member of our team is almost every day in person at the Tax Department resolving tax issues and receiving first-hand the policies implemented from the department by circulars of the Tax Commissionaire.