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We understand that behind every case there is a human story.

We feel honoured for giving us the privilege to sit alongside with you and be entrusted with your most confidential, complex, and personal problems, ideas, ambitions, dreams and purposes.

So whether you’ve been in an accident, suffered injury or illness that wasn’t your fault or you are looking at divorce options, or your rights have been damaged by any governmental decisions, or need an immigration permit, Tax Residency Status, bank account, or probate and administration of a deceased’s estate, we can offer clear guidance to get the right result for you.

We, in Democritos Aristidou take care of the things that matter in our clients’ lives. We understand the issues our clients face and what sometimes might keep them awake at night.

We develop deep personal relationships with our clients and make their problems our own wo they can feel confident we will solve them quickly and professionally.

We help our clients achieve their goals and make their dreams and ambitions true and real.

Our team in Democritos Aristidou comprises tenacious litigators, property, tax immigration, family, investment and wealth management lawyers and other specialists and serve clients include wealthy individuals and families.

Services in: Personal Legal Services