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Family and Couple Disputes

Family live is nothing but straight forward. There can be times in all of our family lives when we need help from legal experts. Our lawyers can support you with all the types of family law cases.

What can we help with?

Who can we represent?

With a proven track record in complex cases our lawyers with deep knowledge and expertise support:

Why choose our Family Lawyers?

We operate throughout all Cyprus’s Courts nationwide. We have successfully represented hundreds of clients with family law issues. We have set up one of Cyprus’s leading family law team maintaining strict rules for our independence. We fiercely fight for and protect our clients’ rights.

We do not only offer you lawyers and legal experts but our network of specialists spans through children’s psychologists and relationship consultants.

Sometimes security is needed and for this we have a specialist security company working around the clock on a 24/7 schedule to secure that during or after your divorce you will avoid any violence or accept and threats.

We are confident for our quality services, and we offer a free 30-Minute Consultation with one of our lawyers to discuss your situation and if mediation is right for you.

This is why we has set up a mediation support service.